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But I Want To Do Something Now

The real-time nature of ongoing LARPs continues to fascinate me.

I’ve written before about the how the time ratio of play to non-play affects how I approach a game. Tonight I’m thinking about the impact of between-game developments.

In Dying Kingdoms, there’s been tension for some time between the Illumin Emperor and several of the leading nobles of the Empire. At the end of the last game, we became aware at least one of the highest-ranked nobles was involved in some sort of conspiracy. Yesterday, a post on the in-character forum announced that his province, comprising roughly a quarter of the Empire, was succeeding. Today, a second province followed suit. Civil war, which has been whispered about for a while, seems imminent.

What makes this fascinating is that the next game isn’t for another month. I’ve got weeks to figure out how my character is going to react to this. And so does he, since the game tracks the calendar of the real world. It means that his reaction is likely to be a lot more nuanced and complex than it would be in a tabletop game. I’m thinking through a lot more alternatives and potential consequences instead of leaping into action, which is what I would normally do. It’s making my decision about how to react a lot harder than I expected. It’s a fascinating thing to struggle with.


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April Commitments

It’s time to make some promises to myself.

I sit down at the beginning of every month to look at what I’m doing, what I want to keep doing, and what I want to change. Monthly is about the right interval for this, as weeks are too short for patterns to emerge and quarters are just long enough for them to disappear. I started noodling on this last week, and yesterday I put together some commitments for April. Here are the big ones.


I’ve been slacking recently. I’d told myself that this was because I was letting my knee heal. The knee is fine now, so it’s time to get back on track. April last year was when I got serious about running — with results I was exceptionally pleased with — so I know that it’s a time of year that works well for me. I’m about fifteen pounds lighter than I was last April1 and I can run four miles without really thinking about it. It’s time to build on that base. I know that I’m most likely to stick with a program if I have a specific goal, i.e. a race, in mind. There are one or two coming up in early July that I’m thinking about. At this point, training for any of them is about the same, so it’s time to get started.


I’ve been writing a lot about writing recently. It’s time to stop doing that. This story has enough juice with me that I want to see where it goes. I’m setting aside thirty minutes a day to work on it. At the end of the month, we’ll see what I’ve got.

To keep myself honest, each post this month will include a brief update on what I’ve done since the last one. There’s nothing like making promises to myself in public to hold up the mirror of accountability.


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1 My historical data doesn’t start until May, but I’m pretty close on this one.