I play, design, and comment on tabletop (non-electronic) games. I was first exposed to roleplaying games in elementary school, but things really took off after I graduated from college and found myself working at a software company with a group a similarly nostalgic geeks. From there it exploded, as I dove head-first not only into RPGs but into board games as well.

What have I done?

From 2005 to 2010, I was a podcaster. (Now I'm a podcaster emeritus.) I hosted two podcasts about tabletop games, The Voice of the Revolution and Have Games, Will Travel. In 2007, Have Games, Will Travel won the Gold ENnie for Best Gaming Podcast, the first year the award was given. Despite retiring from podcasting, I still moderate the RPG Podcasters Yahoo! Group.

In 2009, I published A Penny For My Thoughts, a storytelling game of amnesia and identity. It was nominated for a Golden Geek Award and won the Indie RPG Award for Most Innovative Game.

In 2010, I my essay "Who Am I To Say No" appeared in The Bones: Us and Our Dice from Gameplaywright. In what's become a theme for me, it explored and tried to explain how my experience with improv theatre changed my roleplaying group's relationship to dice.

I've also written for Pyramid and Scrye magazines, contributed to three Ars Magica supplements from Atlas Games, and provided the forward for Names: The Story Games Names Project. Former gaming blogs of mine include A Fistful of Games and Gameslinger Enterprises. I've done work for both Steve Jackson Games and Atlas Games as a part of their demo teams.  I’m also former chair of the roleplaying department at the thrice-yearly Strategicons in Los Angeles.

What do I want to do?

I've been "on leave" from my regular group for about year now, so my first priority to get back to playing regularly. I'm also toying with a design that originally worked up for our group play Delta Green with, using a variant of Vincent Baker's Otherkind Dice. (If I do things right, that may see publication in 2011.) Beyond that, I'd like to dip my toe into board game and card game design, but don't have anything solid yet.